lunes, 6 de febrero de 2017

Luis Filipelli - Julian Hermida - Garras - Música: Aníbal Troilo Letra: José María Contursi

Luis Filipelli - Julian Hermida - Garras por vasiendo

Tango 1945
Music: Aníbal Troilo
Lyrics: José María Contursi

Alley without light waiting for you ...
Cold ... Shadows ...
You long to live for your love and you can not ...
I feel that life is gone ... and you do not cry to me.
I look for your heat desolate ... and here you are not.
Cruel agony ... Then loneliness ...
And then you forget. Nothing else!

I could not do it anymore and in my eagerness to arrive
He was a wimp
That was lost without being able to find
Through the streets of the world
And I have stayed
Like a bird without a nest, like an abandoned child,
With my sorrows that cling like claws
And tear my heart.

Alley without light ... Night without end ...
Shadows ... Cold ...
Thank you for coming with your forgiveness and your kindness ...
Already my poor life is over ... and I am empty,
Dead to the world and to you my heart.
Cruel agony ... Then loneliness ...
This cry of yours and nothing else ...

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